The Adventure Road

Norway is famous for its magnificent nature.
The combination of fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers make it a world-class destinastion.
The Adventure Road takes you on a journey through this dramatic landscape, so full of contrasts.
From the east, the road winds through Hallingdal over mountain passes and into rich, lush fjord landscape of Sogn and Hardanger.
This wonderful experience is spiced with the wide range of exciting activities and cultural opportunities available in Norway’s best-adapted tourist region.

Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda National Park

Let the wide open spaces and vast panoramic views impress you in Norway’s largest national park and Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau – Hardangervidda National Park.
The mountains in Hallingdal and Hallingskarvet offer a varied terrain that is very well-adapted to walking or hiking on your own or with a guide.


Freshly fried mountain trout or saltwater fishing in the fjords? Feel the excitement of a nibble on your line just before you land a big beautiful fish!
Whether you try your luck as a sports fisherperson in one of Norway’s best trout and salmon rivers, camp by one of the mountain lakes in Hallingdal or go saltwater fishing on the fjords, you will find luck fishing along the Adventure Road.


It won’t be the physical activity that will leave you breathless, it will be the incredible scenery around you! Revel in the magnificent countryside: sense its stillness and return from its tranquility refreshed, bringing home with you wonderful memories. The short distances between the mountains and fjords mean that there are lots of fantastic areas for walking, and you can go for trips of anything from a few hours to a few days. Experience the pleasure of walking in the mountains, along rivers and lake, through valleys, along sea-green fjords and on paths through verdant orchards.


The Adventure Road is a paradise for those who want a biking holiday. There is great variation in the bike routes providing opportunities for everyone – from leisurely high mountain farm roads to downhill biking at the alpine facilities. Hol, Geilo, Gol/Golsfjellet, Nesbyen, Hemsedal and the Bergsjø area in Ål are separate cycling destinations that provide trip suggestions, maps and round trips that are classified and well-marked. The Navvy Road (Rallarvegen) is without doubt Norway’s most popular cycling route. From the high mountain landscape at Haugestøl or Finse to the lush valley and fjord landscape of Flåm. The trip can be extended to Voss and Bergen or combined with cycling routes in Hallingdal.


Flå is the gateway to the Adventure Road when arriving from the east. Visit Vassfaret Bear Park, where you can see animals as bears, elk, roe deer and capercailzies.

Nesbyen is a close neighbour of Langedrag Nature Park, Hallingdal Museum, Gardnos Meteor Crater and the old town, Gamle Nes. The Hallingdal river is wider here, the villages in a lush low-lying area surrounded by mountains. The high mountains at Nes will take your breath away. Fish in rivers and lakes, bathe in Trytetjern, cycle and walk in marked trails. Nesbyen is well known for its good climate.

Find museums, mountain farm life, the children’s farm and Norway’s largest combined indoor and outdoor waterpark!
Gol is a trade centre for Hallingdal and has pleasant streets full of shops.
An ideal starting point for day-trips!

The mountain village of Hemsedal offers a line-up of activities. There are 179 km (35 routes) of marked and classified walking trips including the popular 20 summit programme, 240 km of marked and classified bike trails (14 routes), 2 bike parks, 2 golf courses, unique fishing, the Via Ferrata climbing route, paragliding, trout safaris, elk safaris, visits to mountain farms, dog sledding on wheels and more. Ål is famous for its cultural heritage and outdoor activities. The Ål Rural Museum, the Rolf Nesch Museum, the Ål Cultural Centre and Hallingdal’s oldest stave church at Torpo are found here. Ål also serves as a natural entrance to Skarvheime, where starting in the Bergsjø area, you can fish or walk, hike or cycle through the marvellous high mountain landscape.

Geilo is a great location af the foot of the impressive Hallingskarvet plateau, and is close to the Hardangervidda National Park. Relax and enjoy yourself with delicious food and drink in these beautiful surroundings. Enjoy adrenaline packed mountain and glacier hikes, pleasant walks around Lake Ustedalsfjord and Norway’s best cycle route: Rallarvegen. In Geilo you can visite Geilolia Climbing Park, a park for young and old with ladders, climbing nets ropes etc. At Geilosmiu, a blacksmith shop, you can forge your own Hulder steel.

The fjords

National Geographic magazine has voted Nærøyfjord the world’s best preserved tourist destination. This beautiful fjord is a branch of Sognefjord, and at its narrowest it is only 250 meters wide. In 2005 it was given a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. In May, all of Hardanger is in bloom. Hundreds of thousands of fruit trees color the region with their pink and white flowers. The harvest starts in late summer, when you can enjoy the absolutely delicious apples, plums and cherries. Experience Hardanger from a fjord cruise, a farm visit or by walking the old paths through the magnificent orchards.


Experience the Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana): an incredible train ride between Flåm station, at the innermost part of Aurlandsfjord, up to the high mountain railway station, Myrdal (870 masl). The train has departures daily all year round and stops at Kjosfossen waterfall, where in summer you can hear the magical sound of the Huldra’s singing. A train trip easily combines with a walking trip in the beautiful Flåm valley or a cycling trip on Rallarvegen, the road used by the navvies who built the Bergen Railway.


The Aurland Road (Aurlandsvegen) is the mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal (route 243) which takes you from sea-level to an altitude of 1306 meters. As there are often lots of snow on either side of the road, even in the middle of summer, it is known as the “Snow Road”. A unique, recently constructed viewpoint (Stegastein) provides panoramic views of Aurlandsfjord.


Hardangerjøkulen is a glacier which you can visit on guided hikes, A hike across the incredible blue ice of the glacier with a qualified guide is a truly amazing experience. You will have overcome challenges, and will learn about our fragile ecosystems.

Stave Churches

Norway’s stave churches, almost 1000 years old, are unique in the world. Urnes stave church near Sognefjord from 1130 is Norway’s oldest and has been inscribed in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. At Borgund in Lærdal, where you will find Norway’s best preserved stave church, there is a visitor’s center where captivating history of Norway’s contribution to world architecture, stave churches, is told.
The old church in Hol was built in the 13th century as a little stave church but is in later centuries rebuild and enlarged.

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