Take your family, group of friends or colleagues from work to experience the navvies’ road Rallarvegen. One of the most scenic cycle rides from Norway’s roof right down to the sea – this is quite an experience!
As the name suggests the Rallarvegen dates from the time gangs of navvies used it as a road during the construction of the Bergen railway. Today, it is best known as a cycle route of rare beauty offering countless natural experiences.

Rallarvegen begins in Haugastøl and climbs steadily up to Finse, a distance of 27 km. Further up on Finse at 1222 metres above sea level, it is time to visit the navvy museum Rallarmuseet. Here you can discover how navvies lived and which tools and aids they had for the construction of the Bergen railway. The next compulsory stop is the signalman’s cottage Fagernut Vokterbolig. The house, which dates from 1904, is the highest of this type in the country at 1,310 metres above sea level. Here you will find a café and an exhibition about life as a signalman high in the mountains. The distance from Finse to Fagernut is 10 km.

After that you head down. The stretch between Fagernut and Hallingskeid is often the part with the roughest road conditions after winter’s snow has thawed. At Grjotrust, you cross the old railway and the signalman’s house, the largest home on the mountain. The distance between Fagernut and Hallingskeid is 11 km.

The journey from Hallingskeid to Vatnhalsen can be described as the most spectacular and impressive with its sharp downward slope and thundering waterfalls. The Klevagjelet gorge and Kleven Bridge are unforgettable. We recommend that you walk beside the bike as you descend the gorge. The distance between Hallingskeid and Vatnahalsen is 15 km.

From here you have two alternatives:

  • you can cycle down the 21 twists and turns from Vatnahalsen through the beautiful Flåm valley to Flåm.
    Along this route, you will have the steepest railway line in northern Europe on your right.
    Distance between Vatnahalsen and Flåm 17 km.
  • you can take the train from Myrdal through the Raundal tunnel to Upsete and then to continue by cycle to Voss.
    Distance between Vatnahalsen and Myrdal station 2 km.
    Distance between Upsete and Voss 36 km.


source: Rallarvegen
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