It won’t be the physical activity that will leave you breathless,
it will be the incredible scenery around you!

The short distances between the mountains and fjords mean that there are lots of fantastic areas for walking and you can go for trips of anything from a few hours to a few days.
Experience the pleasure of walking in the mountains, along rivers and lakes, through valleys, along sea-green fjords and on beautiful paths.
There are imprssive wide open spaces and panoramic views for several miles in all directions from Hardangervidda, Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau. If you are lucky you might see a flock of reindeer. There are a lot of marked trails.

The countryside in the beautiful Aurlandsdalen valley is spectacular: from mountains, through deep green valleys, along crystal clear rivers to the fjords.

The faboulous mountains of Skarvheimen, which separate eastern Norway from western Norway, are hemmed in by Hardangervidda to the west, Hemsedal and Jotunheimen to the north. The area includes peaks like Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet, as well as the Aurlandsdalen valley.

Climb one of the many peaks and summits around Hallingdal. Challenge yourself and enjoy the feeling of mastering the mountain.
There are trips of all kinds, long and short, slow or steep. You will certainly find something that suits you.
In the kiosk on our camping site we have hikingmaps from Hallingskarvet, Reineskarvet, Bergsjø, Geilo, Ustaoset, Skurdalen.
The walking and hikingtrail vary in length from 3 km up until 40 or 50 km and a lot of these trails can be combined.

Relish the peace and quiet!

Underneath are a couple of beautiful hikingtrails, slow or steep, easy or difficult and with different distances:

  • Hivjufossen: past Hovet (along Fv50) there is a marked trail that leads you to Hivjufossen. Hivjufossen is a waterfall which is 250 metres high. Hivjuåne rises near Storekvelvi (1381 metres) on Hallingskarvet. Many small rivers and brooks flow into Hivjuåni and at Hivjudalen Hivjuåni meets a little river that rises near Halletjønn.
  • Lordehytta: a beautiful and stiff walk goes from Raggsteindalen to Lordehytta (12 km). Lordehytta is a shelter 1607 metres high. You can walk from Lordehytta to Haugastøl (13 km).
  • Fagerdalen: a real challenge is a walk from Birkelund camping to the summer mountainfarm Fagerdalen. The distance is 12 km and it needs a lot of climbing.
  • Hovet-Prestholtseter: it is possible to walk from Hovet, via the spur of Hallingskarvet to Geilo and Prestholtseter (a summer mountainfarm).
  • Steep slopes and old farms: from Aurlandsdalen to Stonndalen. A medium heavy walk on a marked trail. Because of the length of the trail (14 km) and the difference in height (1150 metres) a good form is necessary.
  • Steep, inaccessible gaps: a walk through Aurlandsdalen. A strenuous but harmless walk via marked paths over steep slopes en through gorges. You must have experience in moutainwalking; if you have fear of heights you better skip this walk. Length 15 km.
  • On the Hardangervidda: from Fagerheim to Krækkjahytta. If you do this easy walk, around Lake Storekrækkja, you can see the impressive glacier Hardangerjøkulen and the outstanding mountain ridge Hallingskarvet. This is a light, hardly strenuous walk (13 km), partly over a marked path and partly over easy terrain.
  • At the border of the Hardangervidda: a hikingtour through pure Måbødalen. The old connecting route between the Hardangervidda and Eidfjord is something special; it consists of steep mule paths and a road full of hairpins high through the mountains. This hikingtour goes to the impressive Vøringfossen. Despite the steep climbing via the narrow mule paths, for which you need a reasonable good form, this walk should not be any problem. The way back leads you partly over an old road; the waterfall can be reached via narrow paths. Length 12 km.
  • A good walk near Geilo: from Prestholtseter over the mountain ridge Hallingskarvet. The long, bluff mountain ridge Hallingskarvet, that is visible at a great distance, forms a striking recognition mark. From the tourist centre Geilo there are, in summer and in winter, many walking routes over de slopes. After an easy start over green mountain meadows follows a strenuous climb through a cleft next to the glacier Eimefonni. Via rubble slopes you climb Prestholtskarvet, after which the route goes over snowfields and via a good, narrow path descend to Prestholseter. Length 10 km.
  • Ustedalsfjorden Rundt: from the centre of Geilo you can walk the marked trail around Ustedalsfjorden. Length 15 km.

Some of these hiking trips you can also do by bicycle and in winter are suitable for cross-country.
In the kiosk on our camping site we have information and descriptions from this and other hikingroutes.

source: ANWB, Maps Hol and Geilo
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