See Norway’s beautiful naure from a bicycle! Fjords, mountains and a landscape full of mountain farms where you can fill your lungs with clean mountain air.
The Adventure Road is a paradise for those who want a biking holiday. Here you will find widely varying bike routes, where there are opportunities for everyone.

The most popular cycling route from Norway, the Navvy Road, goes from the high mountain landscape at Haugastøl or Finse to the lush valley and fjord landscape at Flåm. The trip can be extended to Voss and Bergen or combined with cycling routes in Hallingdal.
In Hallingdal there are many trip suggestions and round trips that are classified and clearly signposted. Families can cycle on easy mountain roads or find more demanding trails where coordination and balance are challenged. With a network of good mountain farm roads and trails Hallingdal is perhaps Norway’s best mountain area for bicycle touring.

For downhill and freeriding you can go to Pink Park in Geilo and Bike Park in Hemsedal.
The summer lift takes you up to the top and from here there are innumerable freeriding opportunities available.

Relish the peace and quiet!

Underneath are a couple of beautiful cycling trails, easy or difficult and with different distances:

  1. Cycling over Reineskarvet: this route is 65 km long and starts and ends at Birkelund Camping. Click right on Reineskarvet for an extensive description with photographs.
    We thank Paul Bink who cycled the route for us and made the description with the photographs.
  2. Rallarvegen (the Navvy Road): click on Rallarvegen for more information about a special cycling-tour.
  3. Einset to Raggsteindalen: you start at Einset, about 2 km west of Myrland and goes to Raggsteindalen.
    The route is 12 km long and goes along Strandavatnet.
  4. Holsfjorden Rundt: you start at the camping site and bike to Hol, where you cycle on the south side of the fjord over a quiet path. On the north side you cycle over a footh-cycle path. You can combine this route with a visit to Hol Bygdemuseum in Hagafoss, Hol Gamle Kyrkje in Hol and when it is a warm day you can take a refreshing dive in the fjord near the beach of Steensheim. The route is about 15 km long.

In the kiosk on our camping site we have information and descriptions of the cycling routes on Hallingskarvet, Reineskarvet, the Hardangervidda and in Hallingdal.
We have mountainbikes / bikes you can borrow.

source: Paul Bink, Rallarvegen, map Hol
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