The Adventure Road

Experiences for everybody, memories for live. The Adventure Road takes you on a journey through the Hallingdal, Hemsedal, Sogn and Hardanger. Norway is famous for its magnificent nature. The combination of fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers make it a world-class destinastion.

The Adventure Road takes you on a journey through this dramatic landscape, so full of contrasts. From the east, the road winds through Hallingdal over mountain passes and into rich, lush fjord landscape of Sogn and Hardanger. This wonderful experience is spiced with the wide range of exciting activities & cultural opportunities available in Norway’s best-adapted tourist region.

The Adventure Road is an excellent starting point to visit three unique attractions inscribed om UNESCO’s World Heritage List: Urnes Stave Church, Nærøyfjord, and Brygge, the old wharf in Bergen. There are many beautiful stretches of road through wonderful nature along the Adventure Road that make the journey itself an experience. There are many opportunities to stop to take photos from viewpoints and beside mighty waterfalls.

(Fly)fishing in the neighbourhood of Birkelund Camping

In Hallingdal are various places where you can (fly)fish. In our kiosk we have a guide with all the fishing spots in Hol Kommune. In the river Storåni, behind the camping site (500 m), you can fish for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and mountain trout (Salvelinus alpinus). The river Urunda goes downstream from Reineskarvet to Hovet i Hallingdal where Urunda flows into Storåni. Storåni flows between Hovet and Hovsfjorden. In Storåni are various fishing possibilities : fishing, flyfishing or fishing with a belly-boat The fishing season is from the beginning of June until the first of October.

Hiking and cycling in the neighbourhood of the camping site

In the kiosk on our camping site we have hiking and cycling maps from Hallingskarvet, Reineskarvet, Bergsjø, Geilo, Ustaoset and Skurdalen. The hiking routes vary in length from 3 km. to 40 or 50 km. and most of them can be easily combined. If you pass Hovet (along Fv.50) you can walk the marked trail to Hivjufossen. Hivjufossen is a waterfall which is 250 m high. It is also possible to walk or cycle from Hovet via the spur of Hallingskarvet to Geilo and Prestholtseter (a sommermountainfarm). Over Hallingskarvet you can walk from Raggsteindalen to Haugestøl. The majority of the land in Hol is mountain or hill-land, and there has naturally always been a network of roads and foothpaths for communication between the neighbouring parishes and valleys. With Hallingskarvet as spine and with Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau, Hardangervidda, as a neighbour there are a lot of excellent marked trails. In total there is 500 km with marked and signed foothpaths.

There are a lot of different cycle routes with different distances.

The most popular cycling route is Rallarvegen which goes from the high mountain landscape at Haugestøl or Finse to the lush valley and fjord landscape at Flåm. The trip can be extebded to Voss and Bergen. You’ll find a wide range of varying, marked, cycle routes, with opportunities for erverybody. Have a nice trip!


Whether you set your sites on your first hole-in-one or are satisfied with a bogey, the Adventure Road will take you to 7 different golf courses (6- to 18-hole courses). All of the courses are situated in naturally beautiful surroundings and will provide you with an experience above and beyond the sport. Follow the Adventure Road and revel in the joys of golf!

Mountain farm life and local culinary traditions

No matter what route you choose along the Adventure Road, you will discover exciting museums, beautiful nature landscapes, rural communities with active farm and mountain farm life. Local cheeses, fish and meat from elk, reindeer and red deer may be purchased and prepared along the fjords and in the mountains. Find goat cheese, ‘prim’ and sour cream at the mountain farms while the fjords in the West are famous for their plenteous orchards of apples and sweet cherries. Meet the dairymen and maids, meet the animals and take part in the daily chores.

Winter sports

Birkelund camping is situated in a triangle of winter sports resorts: Sudndalen, Geilo en Ål. In these three resorts you can practise all kinds of winter sports.


Birkelund camping is surrounded by a small nature reserve. In this nature reserve our guests have observed special birds and plants. The list with Observations is regulary enlarged.

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